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    Oct 27 th, 2011
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    How to Avoid Writer’s Block

    Writer’s block is a mental condition which makes writers unable to think of any input for their material.

    This condition can be triggered in a number of ways. People whose standards make them hypercritical of their own work are prone to writer’s block. Another factor that can lead to this condition is the writer’s failure to concentrate. They just can’t simply find the right idea to put into writing.

    Here are a few ways which can help you avoid writer’s block:

    1. Find inspiration somewhere

    People who are confined in the four corners of their workplaces may lose has ability to find words to write due to lack of inspiration. You can break writer’s block by going out and finding inspiration from the sounds and sights of the world around you. If you love to be alone to watch the beauty of nature, then do it; it’s one way of finding back the words and inspiration that you lost.

    2. Allow yourself to just write

    Staying on the same subject for long periods can sometimes drain you of ideas. Allowing yourself to write about other subjects can trigger the wave of new ideas which can help to remove writer’s block.

    3. Skip the introduction

    One of the most common occurrences of writer’s block happen when you are about to write an introduction. This makes writers unable to write a single word because introductions form the very first part of a written work.

    If this happens, just continue writing by going to the body of your article, but you must be sure to stick to your main subject matter. You can come back to your introduction at a later time when you already have the ideas for it.

    4. Let your blood flow

    A good circulation and an abundant supply of oxygen-rich blood to the brain can greatly help to get your brain functioning. It also helps to remove brain fog which contributes to your inability to focus. Improve your circulation by stretching, deep-breathing and engaging in simple exercise. If you can jog or take a walk around the block each morning, it would be helpful in making you fit and free from writer’s block.

    5. Organize Your Thoughts

    As a writer, you have plenty of ideas which are cluttered somewhere in an area in your mind. You can actually organize these ideas by writing an outline about them. Start from broad ideas and break them down to smaller concepts. This will make a good reference which can help you to beat writer’s block when it strikes.