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    Mar 29 th, 2012
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    6 Things to Specify When Outsourcing Articles

    If you operate websites or web logs that publish informative articles, you might be contemplating to outsource your articles to freelance writers or hire ghostwriters to provide content to your sites.

    Since most top caliber writers are taken by big websites and business blogs, finding reliable, dependable, skilled and dedicated writers can be a challenge these days. But despite this, there is still hope for you to find the freelance writers that you are looking for, and you can find them in freelancing sites.

    Freelancing sites have hundreds of freelance writers who are waiting for work. Many of them might not pass your standards but there are a few who actually can – you just have to screen them properly. This is the reason why you need to make your project offers as detailed as possible to let your prospects understand what they need to deliver.

    Here are six things that you need to specify when outsourcing your articles:

    1. Your chosen topics.

    You should let your prospects know what topics you want them to write about. This will help them determine their capability, price, speed and amount of research needed for that specific topic. This can help to give you the right bidders and a realistic price for your project.

    2. The Length of your articles.

    You should specify the length of the articles you want from your freelance writer. This will help them to determine the correct price per article, as most of them charge on a per word basis.

    3. SEO techniques to implement.

    SEO is an integral part of article writing as it is the key that leads search engines to your site. Your project offer should specify what SEO technique you want to apply in your articles. This can help to attract the right bidder who has knowledge of the SEO technique that you want.

    4. Your price offer.

    Most freelance writers know the price range of their articles. They also know that price is dependent on quality.

    If you specify your price offer, these freelance writers will have a corresponding idea of the quality that you want. So if you offer $5.00 per 500-word article, you’ll most probably attract writers whose articles are worth that much.

    5. Revision requests.

    In your project offer, you should specifically state your request for revisions when necessary. You need to tell your prospects to include the number of revisions that they can allow for your project. You should make this clear before awarding the project to avoid any problems later on.

    6. Submission deadline.

    Specifying submission deadlines is important as this can help your prospect determine if he is qualified to submit his bid in the first place. You should assume that you are not the only client that your freelance writer will be working with. You should specify submission deadlines to help them organize their work and to know what to prioritize.