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    Apr 27 th, 2012
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    10 Principles of Effective Affiliate Product Promotion

    Affiliate marketing refers to a process in which a person signs up with a company or companies to market their products for a commission.

    The most common mistake that affiliate marketers make is signing up with companies, post banners of their products and expect passive income to come in.

    This is not the way the system works. Good affiliate marketing requires you to build your affiliate business. It entails credibility, and it requires a lot of effort to do it. It also requires you to provide informative content like honest reviews and customer testimonials to help your prospects make an informed decision to purchase.

    Here are some principles of effective affiliate product promotion. These can help you to achieve your desire to become a successful affiliate marketer.

    1. Promote products that you believe in.

    You cannot believe in the benefits and effectiveness of a product if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. One of the best ways to know a product is to actually use it. It can help to make you relate about the product’s usefulness and benefits. Your experience with the product and the information you share about it can help to make you a more credible seller.

    2. Be selective of the programs that you want to join in.

    There are hundreds of affiliate programs online, but joining each one of them doesn’t make you a successful affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing requires focus and time and you need to attend to just a few products in order to market them effectively.

    Finding two or three products to promote heavily can give you better returns than filling your site with too many ads from different companies. Being selective can help to prevent your prospects from getting confused.

    3. Equip yourself with the right sales materials.

    A majority of affiliate companies provide their affiliates with professionally made sales materials. These include banners, ads, sales copies and other marketing tools.

    If these are available from your company, you should use them as they can help to boost your sales. Place them in different places on your site and observe how they fare. Relocate them every now and then until you find the most strategic locations where they can stay for good.

    4. Take advantage of customer testimonials.

    While it is true that your own experience with the product is a credibility booster, the testimonies of satisfied customers can take you higher up the credibility ladder.

    Ask your company for some customer testimonials, but it would be best if you can get it from your own customers.

    5. Use videos to market your products.

    Video marketing has invaded the Internet for its convenience and ability to actually let your prospects see how well your product works. Demonstrate and recommend your products through videos and see what difference it can make in your sales.

    6. Use social sites to promote your products.

    Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are good markets that you need to seriously consider in your marketing campaign.

    Post pertinent information about your products on these sites together with videos, banners and incentives. They can greatly help to improve your sales.

    7. Offer bonuses.

    Some people can decide to purchase because of an extra incentive that you offer to thank them for their decision. Offering extra bonuses like a free eBook, a free report or a gift card is an act of acknowledging the value of a client’s decision to buy your product. It can be enough to trigger a sale.

    8. Create an email signature to help market your products.

    You might not know it, but your email signature is an advertising opportunity.

    Write a short teaser about your product and add it to your email signature together with your affiliate link. It helps to create a potential sale for every email you send.

    9. Be sure to provide your articles with resource boxes.

    Article marketing is a good way to complement with your affiliate marketing. It helps to improve your visibility on the web. Just be sure to provide your articles with resource boxes to lead people to your company.

    10. Promote your products to your mailing list.

    People in your mailing list are your potential clients. Offer to them your products together with special offers and incentives which are not available elsewhere.

    With dedication and creativity, you can make a difference in affiliate marketing.